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HumiliatedGrape Icons

d r e a m a w a y

External Services:
  • humiliatedgrape@livejournal.com

This journal contains icons created by stumphed. In the future, it will also contain other graphics such as headers, moodthemes, textures and the such.

All icon posts are tagged and therefore you can access all past icons by clicking the appropriate tag in this list.

If you want to see my icons, just check out my journal but please, read my rules by clicking here or by reading further below.

(x) Please credit me in the keywords (as booshgal33 or humiliatedgrape) - Click to learn how to credit in keywords (made by merky)
(x) If you take an icon from an entry, please comment. I like getting email notifications!
(x) Absolutely No hotlinking any of my icons or images. It's illegal!
(x) No altering any of my icons.
(x) No claiming any of my icons are yours.
(x) You may nominate my icons, but comment and let me know.

All of my resources for brushes, textures, gradients, screencaps and the rest can be found in my post here.

All of my affiliates are listed here. If you want to be an affiliate, click on the link and read the rules.

I periodically cross-post icons at the following communities:
deppicons // pimpicons